Patanegra ribs


Patanegra ribs cooked at low temperature and grilled, served with allioli sauce, brava sauce and baked potatoes

Secreto Iberico


Secreto of Iberian pork, grilled and served with roasted potatoes and salsa brava

Pluma Iberica


Iberian pork sirloin with caramelized onions

Cube Roll Robespierre


Black Angus cuberoll cut, with green pepper in grain, ground black pepper and rosemary. With baked potatoes

Rossini fillet


Grilled Argentine Black Angus, with Foie Gras, black truffle and Madeira wine

Voronoff fillet


Grilled Argentine Black Angus, flavored with a sauce based on milk cream, Tabasco, moustard and Worchester sauce, shaded with Cognac

Fillet with green pepper


Argentine Black Angus with fresh green pepper and milk cream, shaded with spanish brandy

Fillet La Peral


Grilled Argentine Black Angus with La Peral cheese sauce (blue cheese of Asturian region)

Fillet with Foie Gras and Porto


Grilled Argentine Black Angus, with foie gras medallion and Porto sauce reduction

Grilled Fillet


Argentine Black Angus